Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pagkaing Pinoy

                                                               Pork Adobo

                 Adobo is considered as one of Filipino’s soul food. There are many different version of Adobo, some add potatoes, some recipes have sauce, others are drier and others add coconut milk. This dish was called Adobo during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, but it’s totally different with Spanish Adobo which is a combination of seasoning widely used in Spanish cooking.

Menudong Giniling
Menudo was a Puerto Rican boy band that was formed in the 1970s by producer Edgardo Díaz, releasing their first album in 1977. The band achieved much success, especially during the 1980s, becoming the most popular Latin American teen musical group of the era.During its course, the band had several radio hits. Their success led them to also release two feature films: Una Aventura Llamada Menudo andMenudo: La Película.

Bicol Express

Bicol Express (Bikol: Sinilihan) is a popular Filipino dish which was popularized in the district of Malate, Manila but made in traditional Bicolanostyle.[1][2] It is a stew made from long chilies (siling mahaba in Tagalog, lada panjang in Malay/Indonesian), coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish,onion, pork, and garlic. It is said to have been inspired by the fiery Bicolano dish gulay na may lada, which is nowadays presented as one of the many variants of Bicol Express. Bicol Express was named after the passenger train service[3] from Manila to the Bicol region, a region in the Philippines famous for its spicy cuisine.

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